6 Tips to Book your Dream Client on Instagram

We've spent a lot of time this year researching how top photographers leverage their existing wedding portfolio on social media to book their ideal clients, and wanted to share six quick tips:

1. Focus on your ideal client - Focus on the couples and venues you would love to shoot again. Being selective about which weddings you post is the easiest way to control the prospective clients you attract.

2. Go for variety - For each wedding, identify 30+ images of beautiful details, the couple, and the venue. For detail shots, consider grouping them into posts of 3-4 images.

3. Don't let the caption hold you back - Focus on selecting images you love and worry less about the caption. Perfect can easily become the enemy of the good! A single line of text, or even just an emoji, can be plenty.

4. Volume matters - Social media heavily favors recent content, so consider testing a big jump in the volume of your posts. Research shows increasing posts doesn't decrease engagement (even up to 3 posts/day). Your followers want to see your work!

5. Tag, tag, tag - Make sure you're tagging every post with the full set of vendors from that wedding. They can be your biggest cheerleaders and love sharing professional images of their work--make it easy for them!

6. Schedule in bulk - Try composing your posts in batches when the details of each wedding are fresh. Consider starting with a 6-month and 1-year anniversary post for each of your couples and then fill in with other great posts from their big day. Not only will this save you hours a month, you'll soon have a calendar of great content for the year.

We recently launched the only online scheduling tool dedicated to helping busy wedding photographers turn their portfolio into powerful lead-generating content on social media.

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